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September 20, 2012

Don't blame the pilots: APA says American flight cutbacks due to management actions

American Airlines is cancelling flights and rebooking customers to get through the next couple of months but the airline's pilots want everyone to know that, contrary to rumors and some press reports, it's not their fault.

The Allied Pilots Association, the union representing American's pilots, today issued the following statement about American's actions:

“First of all, there is no job action of any sort that is organized, supported or sanctioned by the Allied Pilots Association.


“APA independently tracks the airline’s operational performance. We have verified that pilot sick rates have not deviated from normal historical rates. We have likewise verified that crew cancellations remain at normal rates.
“One area of increased operational unreliability we have observed is in mechanical delays, which isn’t surprising. Although American Airlines operates the oldest fleet of any major U.S. carrier, management has decided to furlough a large number of mechanics and close one of its largest maintenance facilities. Management also decided some time ago to reduce its inventory of spare parts.
“In addition, management halted the recalls of furloughed pilots late last year, which has resulted in an insufficient number of pilots to maintain the schedule properly.
“It’s also important to remember that management chose to reject the APA-American Airlines Collective Bargaining Agreement, which served as an operating manual for our pilots. Management’s action has generated significant uncertainty for our pilots with respect to employment protections and operating rules, which are now under management’s unilateral control.
“APA members are experienced professionals who conduct themselves as professionals under whatever circumstances they encounter. Any negative impact on our airline’s operational integrity is of management’s own making.”



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One flaw in this theory. Mechanics have not been laid off yet. WARN letters just went out. Alliance is still open.

The most telling part of the statement is "management chose to reject the APA-American Airlines Collective Bargaining Agreement." What are they insinuating...that pilots now have no rules and can do what they want because management has not given them guidance? Or they don't know their new workrules so they have to operate with an abundance of caution? Pilots are innocent victims? Yeah right!

The APA is playing a dangerous game with this wink and a nod slowdown. We all remember the sickout of the late 1990's. Since they gave up their equity stake by not approving the company's last best offer, how on earth is this union going to pay for the heavy fines coming its way for these job actions?


It is literally not our fault...ever! That is the official position of the APA. I don't think it is their fault, but taking literally every chance that you possibly can to bash AA's management is not only immature, it's stupid. Instead you want to run into the arms of a guy who has made his airline profitable by paying all of his employees less that you currently make!

AA's management chose to do what every other carrier in modern bankruptcy has chosen to do...why do you guys think that you are so unique, so maligned, compared to the rest of the industry? Seriously, can somebody please answer that question for me?


I hope for their sake there isn't an organized job action, but frankly it would not surprise me when I think about the union's recent behavior.

These guys have not exactly been "model citizens" in recent years. The union appears to have been dominated by malcontents who are putting the rest of the pilots in a very vulnerable position.

AMR Employee



I was unable to fly to Austin to give a lecture tonight, adversely affecting all involved. Others on the plane had not seen their families for days because their flight continued to get cancelled. Good job, AA...that's Arrogance Airlines, right? I talked to the captain and co-captain on my flight. Don't you believe this article, this was absolutely an organized event. Very Bush League, pilots. I hope passengers that have a choice fly another airlines that is more capable and compassionate than this one.

Time TomergeNow

Seems like what were seeing, is something I have observed in a children's daycare center ( HE SAID...SHE SAID... )

Americans management has now Lost, and it is very obvious that the Bond Holders are not amused at AMR's mgmt team.




APA is lying.

But that's nothing new, now is it?

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