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September 13, 2012

F-22 breathing fix rejected in 2005 by Air Force

That little problem the F-22 Raptor has with knocking its pilots out and becoming a drone ...

It turns out that in 2005 the Air Force rejected a Boeing proposal to upgrade the F-22s, according to our story in today's Star-Telegram. The upgrade to the life support system would enable it to provide the proper amount of oxygen to the pilots when they needed it.

The science and experience with the F-22 suggests the Raptor's may well be causing the breathing problems and disorientation now being experienced by F-22 pilots.

It's a follow on to our Aug. 26 story about how the Air Force's claims that it understands the pilots' breathing problems and what to do about them isn't convincing the pilots or their families.

- Bob Cox


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