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October 17, 2012

American announces plans to hire 1,500 flight attendants

American Airlines announced it plans to hire 1,500 new flight attendants over the next year.

The carrier said that with over 2,200 flight attendants taking American's voluntary early-out option, it needs to hire new crew members. The recruitment process will begin in November with training to begin in January.

"For the first time in over a decade, American is seeking to add more than 1,500 new flight attendants who we believe will bring new perspectives to the airline," said American vice president of flight service Lauri Curtis."We value our flight attendants and appreciate the important contributions they make to our company every day. We look forward to welcoming new faces and working together to bring a fresh energy to our team, while at the same time giving current flight attendants the opportunity to move up the seniority list and reducing the number of current flight attendants who have to serve on reserve."

UPDATE: A statement from APFA president Laura Glading "I'm excited to see American hiring again; it has been a long, long time. Of course, this is the downstream effect of the Voluntary Early Out Program, which we fought very hard for. Not only did it give our senior members a dignified path to retirement, but it moved everyone else up the seniority list. I'm happy to welcome our new colleagues."

-Andrea Ahles


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Alex in TX

This is a really good thing for American. Some of the retiring flight attendants were incredibly costly from a wage and benefit perspective, and could never compete against a flight attendant from JetBlue or Virgin America.


They really need to do something like this for all the work groups. When I fly Virgin or JetBlue the staff are all in their 20s and 30s (pilots more 30s and 40s). AA is going to need every competitive edge it can get. It seems like the airline industry gets more cutthroat every year.

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