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October 26, 2012

American Eagle mechanics approve new contract, dispatchers reject their agreement

The Transport Workers Union announced Friday that American Eagle mechanics voted to ratify a new contract with the regional carrier.

The mechanics voted 82 percent in favor of the agreement which included no pay cuts and no pay freezes. The TWU represents about 1,300 mechanics at American Eagle.

Dispatchers, however, voted to reject their proposed agreement by 90 percent, the union said. The dispatchers agreement included pay increases in 2015 and 2016 and an enhanced profit sharing plan.

Here is a statement from American Eagle spokeswoman Andrea Huguely:

"American Eagle is pleased our mechanics voted to ratify the agreement reached between the company and the TWU. Today’s ratification demonstrates the willingness of the company and the TWU to negotiate new contracts that achieve the cost savings necessary for our successful restructuring. We realize this was a very difficult decision for our people.

"We’re disappointed our dispatchers failed to ratify their tentative agreement. It’s now necessary for us to proceed with the court-supervised Section 1113 process to ensure our dispatch workgroup has a cost structure that will allow us to be competitive."

-Andrea Ahles


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a dispatcher

The dispatchers rejected the contract with 92% vote, not a 90%.

a dispatcher

I'm personally disappointed our Eagle management fails see and treat us as more than clerks and secretaries. I'm of the opinion that it's now necessary to take a strike vote.


A strike would be the stupidest thing you could do. I’m glad you guys voted down that pathetic offer. No wage increase until 2015? There has been no contract since 2006-2007, that’s just a continuing pay freeze. Weak! More ramen noodles.

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