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October 02, 2012

AMR CEO Horton optimistic about pilots restarting negotiations, wants to "put this chapter behind us"

AMR chief executive Tom Horton said he is "optimistic" that the company and its pilots union can reach a new labor agreement now that the two sides have agreed to resume negotiations this week.

In a letter sent to workers Tuesday evening, Horton thanked employees for their hard work during the operational slow down the carrier experienced the past two weeks with numerous flight delays and cancellations.

Here is the full letter from Horton:

Dear American Team:

It has been a very challenging couple of weeks for our company. As you know, our operations have experienced significant disruption, affecting our customers, our people, and our owners. After all the great progress we've made over the past ten months, I know this is a disappointment to you, as it is to me. Of course, the only way to ensure a successful future for our company is to put our customers first in everything we do.

Together, we've come a long way in recent months. We've completed the majority of the work to financially restructure our company. Our revenue performance has been topping the industry and we are steadily returning to profitability. And until recently, our operating and customer service performance had been sharply improving, thanks to the extraordinary work of the entire American team during this time of considerable change. And though, we've been able to reach ratified agreements with the APFA and TWU and make the structural changes needed for our agents, reservations and management teams, we have not yet been able to complete the important step of reaching an agreement with our pilots.

So I'm pleased today that APA has agreed to immediately resuming negotiations and the negotiating teams are scheduled to meet in intensive bargaining sessions beginning this week. I remain optimistic that we can work collaboratively toward reaching our goal of a consensual and constructive agreement. It is time to put this chapter behind us and move American forward. We need to get back on track quickly and return to the reliability and first rate service our customers expect from us.

As I've traveled around the system, I've seen our people working together to get the job done during challenging days. Your ability to remain focused on taking care of our customers is a testament to your professionalism and pride in American. It's made a huge difference and you have my profound appreciation.



-Andrea Ahles


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In order to negotiate you must have a partner. Lately it has seemed like the APA is more interested in warfare than negotiation.

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