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October 29, 2012

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-With Hurricane Sandy cancelling thousands of flights in and out of the East Coast the next few days, ABC News gave consumers 5 handy airline tips on what to do and not do when traveling (or not traveling) during a storm.

-Airlines around the world collected over $36 billion in fees in 2012, a new report says. That is an 11.5 percent increase compared to 2011, according to this NBC blog post.

-And my former colleague, Mitchell Schnurman, now with the Dallas Morning News, took a closer look at Southwest Airlines and its rising operational costs. "Southwest Airlines has long defied the odds, but now its workforce is older and richer, and rivals have used bankruptcy to get leaner and stronger. The Dallas airline that always played the upstart underdog is looking more like the legacy carriers it used to mock," Schnurman writes.

-Andrea Ahles


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Kudos for posting a link to a competitor's site. I'm surprised your boss let you do that! So how about letting us in on why Schurman left?

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