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October 10, 2012

Sir Richard Branson: it would be quite fun to do something with American

Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson thinks it would be fun to buy American Airlines.

In an interview with NPR while promoting his new book, Branson said he'd be interested in investing in the bankrupt carrier.

"We don't normally buy other companies or merge with other companies, because you take on a lot of history. Having said that, it would be quite fun to do something with American Airlines. And so, yeah, if anybody from American Airlines is listening, we'd be happy to get your call," Branson told NPR.

Branson also had a few design tips for American on how the carrier could improve its image.

"You would need to really go into all the planes; gut them out, you know; get the best interior designers, as you would with a new hotel, to completely refigure them, you know; put in the best leather seats; put in the best entertainment you can; work with the crew to make sure they have the best uniforms, the ones which make them really feel great, and let them decide on what uniforms they want to have; and you know, just surpris[e] people," he said.

Of course, Branson is limited by U.S. laws that prevent foreigners from owning more than 25 percent of an American carrier. And with Sir Richard's fondness for publicity, who knows if he is legitimately interested in American.

-Andrea Ahles



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Managment 101

Sir Richard actually does have some great ideas.

Managment 101

“If the employees come first, then they're happy, ... A motivated employee treats the customer well. The customer is happy so they keep coming back, which pleases the shareholders. It's not one of the enduring Green mysteries of all time, it is just the way it works.”
Herb Kelleher quotes (Founder of Southwest Airlines)


Branson is only focusing on the product side, which American has been spending quite a bit of time and money on improving. New domestic narrowbodies (A320 family and B737 family), a dedicated transcon aircraft with a premium three-cabin product (A321), and brand new B777-300s for the international routes.

AA wants to be the premium US carrier and it looks like they're on the right path product-wise. I've heard new uniforms are coming, too.

Branson should devote some time to fixing Virgin America and their bleeding cash flow before considering something with American.

Alex in TX

Wasn't it Branson who said the easiest way to become a millionaire is to be a billionaire and invest in an airline?

Then again he's not remotely serious, especially considering U.S. ownership rules.

Anything for some free press though, right Richard?


Sir Richard Branson as he admits is not the smartest guy in the world, however he is a visionary and when he has a vision, he then goes about surrounding himself with people smarter than him... he then gives then a lot of equity in the venture to complete and make the vision a reality and then he steps out of the way to let them do their job and supports them in their cause/crusade however he can and he has become a billionaire from this.

He is an extraordinary man!
Information with Inspiration

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