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October 18, 2012

Video: American's 777-300ER's first flight (gray body with white tail)

Twitter has been buzzing this past week with photos of American Airlines' new Boeing 777-300ER that may (or may not) have a new livery scheme painted on it.

Here's the latest, a video from Paine Airport that shows the first flight of the 777-300ER which occurred on Wednesday.


-Andrea Ahles



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Aero Observer

It has no winglets.


The outsource company has not put them on yet. They are still working on the 757 seats.


American does not use winglets on it's 777.


777s don't use winglets. Wingtips are "raked" which has a similar effect.


There is no such thing as a winglet for the 777. The 777-300ER pictured here does have raked wingtips, however.


777's dont use winglets. They have raked wings...


This is a Boeing 777-300ER and as such it has raked wingtips which act as winglets, reducing drag. The older Boeing 777-200ER series don't have any wingtip devices.

Bon Vivant

The 777-300ER uses raked wingtips like the 787, instead of blended winglets.


777's do have have winglets, they have raked wingtips.

Joe Kilfeather

Did anyone see the "N" number on this plane. The first 300 is reg N717AN with a nose number of 7LA, the following aircraft is 7LB reg N718AN

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