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November 27, 2012

American passenger service agents get voting instructions

Passenger service agents at American Airlines will receive voting instructions in the mail this week for its upcoming union representation vote.

The Communication Workers of America said instructions were mailed out Tuesday to 9,700 employees and voting will begin on December 4. The votes will be tallied on January 15 by the National Mediation Board.

American has fought against holding a union representation vote of its agents. The Fort Worth-based carrier has filed several legal challenges to stop the vote, claiming the union did not collect authorization cards from 50 percent of workers, as required by a new law enacted in February. The NMB argues that the previous 35 percent standard should be used since the application for an election was filed in December 2011.

The union alleges that American is now trying to pad the voting list with an additional 900 workers on the even of the election. For the agents to be represented by the CWA, a majority of the votes must be cast in the union's favor.

"American just wants to throw another monkey wrench into the process," said Sandy Rusher, organizing director with the CWA.

-Andrea Ahles


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AMR - allow the process to happen. Just like any election - let the people be heard. If AMR agents don't approve the vote so be it. AA has thrown millions at attorneys and propaganda to dissuade agents from voting. Vote what you believe is in your best interest - remember these executives @ AMR collected million dollar bonuses while you struggled to get by with 25 cent an hour increases and the loss of thosands of dollars in income with Holidays slashed / work rules changed/ more work - less pay - all IMPLEMENTED by AMR. Agents we have no voice at all - do you think we'd ever even strike a deal like the F/As got - a 40K buyout with 18 mos of passes? NOPE - NEVER - not without representation.

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