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November 15, 2012

CWA launches ad campaign to allow American passenger service agents to vote

The Communications Workers of America ran newspaper ads in Washington D.C. and Dallas on Thursday declaring there should be "no more delays" in allowing a union representation vote for American Airlines' passenger service agents.

The union has been fighting American to allow federal mediators to hold a union representation vote for the approximately 10,000 passenger service agents. Since the National Mediation Board first approved the CWA's application for a vote and scheduled it this spring, American has filed several legal challenges to stop the vote.

Recently, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that American's suit should be thrown out by a lower court. However, American is now asking the court for a stay while it appeals the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

American claims the union did not collect authorization cards from 50 percent of workers, as required by a new law enacted in February. The NMB argues that the previous 35 percent standard should be used since the application for an election had been filed in December 2011.

-Andrea Ahles



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Ask US agents what the CWA got them...42% pay reductions through two bankruptcies and a whole bunch of outsourcing. Yeah, the CWA is definitely the union of the people.

casual observer

The larger and more diverse a union is, the further from protecting its members it becomes. It becomes a power and dues game in the end, with the worker caught in the middle. The CWA is a perfect example.

Dave E....

2 Company shills posting above me here. American doesn't want the agents to unionize because they want to either outsource or mechanize there jobs in the future. Look on You Tube and you can find machines that can do every job they do now. AA says it's just protecting it's employees rights. Rights to what? Not have a choice for themselves? The simple question to ask is what are they afraid of???????


Dave E, were the mechanics who were unionized protected from being outsourced? It's happened to the pilots and FA's in the past as well. How did the union work out for Hostess employees?


I agree with you as to the company does not want the employees to unionize. Why would they want to have to deal with a 4th union when they can never get anywhere with the 3 they already have?

casual observer

Nice try Dave E...whenever someone comments that doesn't follow your "labor is never wrong EVER" line, you immediately go for the cowardly argument of "company shill."

AA agents have resisted the organizing attempts of unions before, including the CWA. The CWA is trying to take advantage of a situation by painting AA as the big, bad, boogeyman and the union is their knight in shining armor.

Seriously, if agents want to organize, they will. But the union fear-mongering and dumbing down of agents' situation all in the name of representation, excuse me...I mean dues, is a bit cagey at best.

DC10 guy

Here's the deal .. The agents have ALWAAYS got the short end of the stick. Whether your pro or anti union let the agents vote.. AMR struck a deal with the FAs that unorganized agents will NEVER see .. Next step outsource all agents except the ones working from home on poverty salaries. Tom Horton is a ruthless man and if you think for one second that he or any of the other "brass," @ AMR have even the slightest interest I your future you're living in fantasy land. I recall making well over 50k a year with OT DT and holidays ill barely make 40 this year and be doing twice the work. AMR please stop throwing money at attorneys and allow the vote to happen and let the process happen .. I thought Crandall was bad but these guys now are horrendous they don't even have enough finesse to appear they care.

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