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November 09, 2012

Pilots and American reach an "agreement in principle"

American Airlines and its pilots union reached an "agreement in principle" on a new contract.

Details of the new agreement have not yet been released.

In a hotline message sent out to pilots, the Allied Pilots Association said its board of directors voted to present American with a counter-proposal on Friday afternoon. The Fort Worth-based carrier responded by agreeing to the proposal.

"APA designed our comprehensive counter-proposal to provide our pilots with an industry-standard contract while enabling American Airlines to complete a successful restructuring and compete on a level playing field with its network-carrier peers," the message said.

The board voted 13 in favor, two against and one absent to send the counter offer.

"The proposal we prepared was comprehensive and will level the playing field for American Airlines to compete successfully against United and Delta Airlines and also recognizes the value that the profession brings to the corporation," said APA president Keith Wilson at a press conference on Friday.

The union board also received a briefing from Unsecured Creditors Committee lead counsel, Jack Butler, and from the union's financial adviser, Lazard.

With American's agreement to a new deal, the APA board will vote next Friday whether or not to send the agreement-in-principle to its members for a ratification vote, Wilson said.

A ratification vote will likely take several weeks, but Wilson expects the process could be completed within the first two weeks of December.

UPDATE: Here is American Airlines spokesman Bruce Hicks' response.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement-in-principle with the Allied Pilots Association. We worked hard with the APA’s negotiating committee to structure an agreement that addresses the priorities identified as most important to our pilots, while staying within the economic framework supported by the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee to ensure American’s successful restructuring. As the APA communicated, the APA Board of Directors will proceed in compliance with policy-manual requirements and vote to send the agreement-in-principle to the membership as a tentative agreement for a ratification vote."

-Andrea Ahles



Too bad .... would have preferred to see American go bankrupt and go away

Denis Grady

If an agreement has been reached, why so many American flights late due to "technical difficulties"? It can't be a coincidence that so many flights had issues Saturday. I made sure every person stuck in DFW was aware that a pilot "sick out" was quite likely the reason for their wasted weekend in airports and hotels away from home.


It's about time that American Airlines reaches an agreement with the Pilots!! It has only been 10 years since their last pay raise. The Pilots also gave up 23.5% of their pay in 2003 to save the company from Bankruptcy. The pilots deserve everything they ask for! Since they have not had a pay raise in over 10 years, the company should add 3% a year pay raise over the past 10 years and add the 23.5% they gave up in 2003 and that would give them a 53.5% raise! But wait......they are only asking for "Industry Standard" PLEASE AMERICAN AIRLINES......JUST GIVE THEM WHAT THEY ARE ASKING FOR.......IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE………IT’S JUST INDUSTRY STANDARD!! Which is only a 32.5% pay raise!!!!! If the company gave the Pilots a 32.5% pay raise it would bring the Pilots up to where Delta and United Airlines Pilots make. It's a no brainer to me! What shocks me is an NFL referee makes $149,000 a year and a Pilot makes less than an NFL Referee!!!!!! You never hear all the ridiculous comments about NFL referee pay. The company needs to realize without their Pilots the Planes will not fly themselves!! ANYONE can pass out drinks, learn to use an AED and use a computer to assign seats and throw luggage on a plane…..But not EVERYONE can fly a plane!!!! Wake up American Airlines and start giving back the Pilots respect in which they deserve…..its been lost a long time and needs to come back!

A loyal American Airlines Customer


"A loyal American Airlines Customer"?? Is that code for an American Airlines pilot or pilot's wife? Be serious.


Way to throw the attendants under the bus, Lisa.

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