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November 02, 2012

Pilots union says it's "burning the midnight oil" in contract talks with American

Progress is being made in the contract talks between American and its pilots, but a deal has not been reached yet, the union said.

In a hotline message sent out to pilots on Friday night, the Allied Pilots Association said the negotiating committee has met with management 26 of the last 28 days.

"In characterizing the negotiations, the committee notes that progress continues and that the pace of negotiations has not slowed," the message said. "However, as is often the case, the important final issues take a bit longer to conclude."

The APA board of directors also adjourned its meeting on Friday afternoon after discussing the status of the contract talks.

American said last week that it hoped to have a tentative agreement with the pilots by November 1 so the APA board could decide whether or not to allow a ratification vote. However, the two sides have not yet reached a deal.

-Andrea Ahles



And the beat goes on. Time fo another "informational" picket or better yet, just call in sick.

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