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November 14, 2012

US Airways, American are each making their own case to the creditors

US Airways and American Airlines are giving the creditors committee something to talk about.

According to Bloomberg News, the two carriers are presenting differing restructuring plans for American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., to the unsecured creditors committee.

On Tuesday, US Airways executives presented its plan for a merged carrier while American executives are making their case on Wednesday for stand-alone emergence from bankruptcy.

The meetings are being held in New York. U.S. bankruptcy judge Sean Lane has extended American's exclusivity period to file a restructuring plan with the court until the end of January.

Here's a link to the article about the meetings that appeared in Wednesday's Star-Telegram.

-Andrea Ahles


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figurine de tintin

Great blog, i will recommand it ! THanks a lot man


Until Doug Parker commits to his own labor force and airline, there is no way a merger would be successful. He seems to expect his employees to lay down and roll over, but he is sorely mistaken if he thinks this will happen. They have been struggling ever since Parker waltzed in back in '04/'05 and made these grandiose promises that a merger will be super for everyone. Guess what, we're still waiting and we are not going to jump through hoops again to make a new merger work until US needs have been addressed.


Why negotiate in fair terms. Parker is hedging his bets on merging with AA. Then his pilots and flight attendants better get with the program or look for new work.

Former Flyer

It is infuriating for people who have no clue what they are talking about comment on mergers.
The employees of US have suffered while Mr Parker and his team foot drag the way they have done for six years.
Making millions off the backs of struggling families
The people of American need to wake up and
steer far clear from any merger deal.
Wings 367, you need to try and survive on 800 monthly
While globetrotting serving ***holes like you.

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