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November 16, 2012

US Airways pilots union wants access to court filings about possible merger with American

Attorneys for the US Airline Pilots Association are asking the bankruptcy court for access to unredacted court filings related to a possible merger between American Airlines and US Airways.

USAPA, which represents US Airways pilots, said the union has not been given "critical information" that would help ensure a "fair and effective merger."

"As this Court is well aware, Debtors and US Airways are negotiating the terms of a possible merger as part of the bankruptcy process. The union representing American Airlines pilots, the Allied Pilots Association (the “APA”), has been provided certain information by Debtors and US Airways that is relevant to such a merger, its prospects of success, and its effect on the pilots of the merged airlines. Debtors are likewise providing certain related information to US Airways pursuant to a publicly announced non-disclosure agreement. Debtors, the APA, and US Airways have already drafted agreements expressly designed to shape post-merger labor arrangements in a merged airline. The proposed merger between Debtors and US Airways will affect USAPA and its pilots to the same extent it will affect the APA, but USAPA has not been provided critical information about the terms of the proposed combination and USAPA needs such information to ensure a fair and effective merger.

"USAPA therefore files this Rule 2004 Motion to gain access to (1) unredacted versions of certain filings and other information that Debtors have already provided to their own unions and that USAPA needs to fairly evaluate the prospective merger, and to similarly gain access to (2) information that Debtors have provided to US Airways relevant to such a merger, as well as (3) information provided to the APA by US Airways on the same topics but not shared with USAPA," the court filing said.

Later in the filing, the union asserts that, "Fundamental fairness requires that USAPA be given equivalent information to other interested parties in evaluating the economics and labor issues that will govern the postmerger entity for which its members will be flying. As this Court has recognized, labor peace will be important to the resulting airline, and by providing USAPA with the information it needs to analyze and negotiate effectively with respect to the post-merger airline, the discovery sought will assist in achieving that goal."

A hearing has been tentatively set for December 10.

-Andrea Ahles


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It's interesting that Parker went all out courting AA's employees, but couldn't give a crap what his own employees want or need. That's a guy I want to work for. Can you guess which group is getting the moon and which group is getting the shaft?

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