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December 03, 2012

American and Southwest flight attendants union applaud proposed OSHA policies

Flight attendant unions at American Airlines and Southwest Airlines applauded new government proposals to ensure workplace safety on airplanes.

The Transport Workers Union, which represents flight attendants at Southwest, said a proposal to give the Occupational Safety and Health Administration oversight on issues such as cabin noise levels and blood-borne pathogens threats will make air travel safer.

"Moving luggage and equipment in a small confined space, and sharing a limited air supply with hundreds of travelers, creates exposure risks for our members," said TWU local 556 president Stacey Martin on Monday. "Getting OSHA and the [Federal Aviation Administration] on the same page is a huge step in the right direction."

The proposals, unveiled last week, will give OSHA the ability to enforce workplace health and safety standards not currently covered by the FAA, unions said.

"APFA has been pushing for these workplace protections for many years and we’re looking forward to incorporating them into our union’s safety culture," said Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Laura Glading, who represents flight attendants at American.

Public comments will be accepted by the government after the proposals from OSHA and the FAA are published in the Federal Register.

-Andrea Ahles


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Flight attendants are not there to stow your luggage. You bring it, you sling it. We have families yo support and mortgages to pay. Carry-on items must fit under your seat period. Remove overhead bins and eliminate injuries to crew members due to the disrespectful and inconsiderate public.

Recall Laura Glading

I'm surprised Laura Glading's APFA has time to do anything other than try to shut down dissenting voices like mine. After all, there are so many of us.


More useless government interference in an arena that has gotten along very nicely for decades. Next thing you know, Obama will be regulating how many dimples can be in his opponents' golf balls.


We have been begging our company (American) and the government to extend OSHA to us, in other words, to do the right thing, for many years. If it is done correctly and without interference from the FAA and other entities Flight Attendants, Pilots, and the nation's passengers will experience a much safer, healthier environment on aircraft!

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