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December 11, 2012

American says it invited pilots union to get involved in merger talks

American Airlines told its managers on Tuesday that it invited its pilots union to become involved in possible merger talks with US Airways.

"While we are bound by the terms of an NDA and can't discuss details, American, in collaboration with the UCC, determined that union involvement in the discussions is an important step to appropriately evaluate the impact of a merger on labor costs, integration and seniority," the Fort Worth-based carrier said in a note to managers.

On Monday evening, American's pilots union issued a brief statement saying it had been asked to participate in the non-disclosure agreement between American and US Airways as part of potential merger talks. However, the union said it was the Unsecured Creditors Committee that had issued the invitation.

"In response, the APA Board of Directors voted 14-2 in favor this afternoon during a voting conference call to join the merger talks and to adhere to the applicable non-disclosure agreement. We anticipate that the US Airline Pilots Association representing US Airways’ pilots will also join the potential merger development talks, with the first meetings beginning this week," the union said in a message to its members.


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It will be interesting to see if the US Air pilots are invited. They been shut out of even knowing what Doug promised the AA unions so far.

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