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December 18, 2012

Group of American pilots start a blog against a US Airways-American merger

A group of pilots took to the web on Monday night, launching a blog to voice their opposition to a merger between US Airways and American Airlines.

The list of almost thirty names signed on the blog include Allied Pilots Association vice president Tony Chapman and several captains based out of Dallas/Fort Worth.

"We believe that a number of people have rushed to judgment - by blinding following 'merger mania' and putting too much faith in US Airways," the blog says. "For one, airline mergers trigger dramatic unpredictability. While the leadership of the APA and other major labor groups have successfully created new agreements under difficult circumstances, seniority list negotiations, binding arbitration, and renewed contract negotiations all may jeopardize the terms that all nine union groups recently approved."

The APA has publicly supported a merger with US Airways even after the membership ratified a new contract with American that includes pay raises in exchange for more domestic code sharing and regional jets.

"There are diverse views within our membership and within our leadership about a merger and the institutional position remains very much in support of a merger between US Airways and American within bankruptcy. This is a democratic institution and discussion, debate and even agree to disagree are all part of that," said APA spokesman Gregg Overman on Tuesday morning.

-Andrea Ahles


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Sky Lover

Can you give a link to the blog?

casual observer

Hmmm...dissent in the ranks means trouble on the horizon. Apparently some AA pilots have done their homework and realize that Doug Parker may not be the one they have been waiting for. Just ask a US pilot!


Ahhh the old cutting off your nose to spite your face. American unions better be careful what they ask for with US airways. They just might get it


I wonder when these pilots will be asked to resign from high level APA leadership posts now that they aren't drinking the Doug Parker Kool-Aid.


From a US standpoint, this concern launched by some AA pilots is valid. For over seven years, we have been operating as two separate carriers, working under concessionary scales from two post-911 bankruptcies, and engaged in a bitter seniority battle - all under the so-called leadership and stealthy encouragement of our CEO Doug Parker.

We need to fix our troubles first before linking up with any carrier. Otherwise, most of us feel that there will several more years of animosity and mediocrity - not to mention the layoffs and painful realignments that always follow a merger.

Doug Parker has been salivating at the chance to be a bigwig at one of the big three for a long time. He also seems to think that a merger is the silver bullet that will fix what is broken at US. Why on earth some AAers think Parker is their silver bullet, however, is a mystery to us all. Our problems will become your problems if this merger goes through.


The headline for the news article on business news website "The Street" date 12/18/2012 was "Small AMR Pilot Group Opposes Merger". "Small" seems to be an understatement. How about "tiny"? Or little? Maybe miniscule? This group has been very supportive of Mr. Horton and his management team who are dead set against the merger at whatever cost (even to the point of detriment of American Airline's competitive edge).
Let's face it folks, a distant fourth largest Airline isn't going to cut it against the larger networks of United and Delta.


Raf, just because it's a tiny number that have any sense doesn't mean they are wrong. Pleae reread the comment from the US pilot above.


Tough to know how small he group is since the APA never had a membership vote on the merger


Teresa, with all due respect, I have a hard time believing that the 8000 pilots that voted no confidence in Tom Horton's standalone exit from bankruptcy would have less common sense than the 50 odd people who registered their opposition to the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. The majority of airline industry analysts and experts agree with the 8000 American Airlines pilots. They all are in agreement that consolidation will be a good thing for American Airlines and USAirways. My question to you is, why do you think that putting American Airlines at a competitive disadvantage is a good thing for American Airlines? It seems to me that the people who are part of this small group that opposes the merger are obsessing about their own personal and individual advantage regardless of how that would affect the future of American Airlines as a company that needs to compete in a very cut throat competitive industry. Job security will always trump more minor job related issues any day since another bankruptcy 5 to 10 years down the line (because of not being able to compete with its much bigger rivals) will spell out the end of a beloved airline brand name that will disappear forever like Pan Am and Eastern.


No one really knows how small or large this group is as the APA board is the only group getting air time surrounding a merger. The APA president and select few signed off on Parker's plan without input from the rank and file.

With all of the contract hoopla and merger cheerleading from Wall Street, it is really easy to see why these pilots voices may have been drowned out. I'm glad they are speaking out now before it is too late.


persons like myself will not fly on us air.that is why we fly american.american can be based here,best here


Raf has obviously never flown US, they have no clue what they are doing. They still operate as 2 separate airlines as US FO states.

Nirhyze Grayne

Where's the link? Anyway, it is good I think, but the pilot just has to make sure to post just and responsible comments so not to create a feud between both parties.

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