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December 24, 2012

No. 7 CEO changes at Lockheed Martin

HewsonWhen Lockheed Martin's top executive for the past eight years, Robert Stevens, announced plans to retire in April, the defense con tractor expected a smooth transition at the CEO position.

Stevens will step down in January and was supposed to be replaced by Chris Kubasik who was Lockheed Martin's president and chief operating officer under Stevens.

But when it came to light in November that Kubasik had a personal relationship with a subordinate, Kubasik was asked to resigned.

Now, Lockheed Martin will have its first female CEO when Marillyn Hewson takes the top job on January 1.

Hewson has led the company's electronic systems division since January 2010. She has been with Lockheed for 29 years.

In December, Lockheed also received a Pentagon contract that guarantees the final installment of $127.7 million for the fifth production lot of F-35 fighters. Lockheed assembles the F-35 in Fort Worth.

-Andrea Ahles


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David Allen

There's so much more to Lockheed Martin than the F-35 or the Ft. Worth facility. Lots of Tarrant county residents work at the Grand Prairie plant, which is extremely successful.

Union Worker

This is nothings new, it happens at the Ft.Worth plant all the time. How do you think most of the business is done in Ft.Worth? Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, only apply to thoughts that rebel and perform companies operational. You get the axe if try to say anything to management or HR, You are consider a trouble maker. If Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, was up and up you guys need to check "The Ft. Worth


I am newly widowed from Herbert L.
Hoover who worked there for 33 years. and in a state of shock as his death was due to poor medical care. I lost his pension due to an HR person convincing him he would lead a long life which was true and he would get more money by cutting me out. SO no pension.He signed as he trusted co. I signed because I trusted husband of 67 years. Then I was told by Amber Whitaker that I would get medical cover from Aetna. I would receive a package. Nothing yet. Aetna told me I would be able to use his card until end of month and then would get one in my own name. Now Aetna writes me I have no coverage and when I see my dr on 30th of Jan I should tell her ins was the same. All contradictory info.
I am 87 yrs old, he was my caretaker as I have lupus. I am lost and confused and thought perhaps as the new ceo is a woman she would understand. I wrote to Mccay in Ethics and told him that I was an HR rep for a utility for only 15 yrs and got more pension than he did, and I never advised any person to cut out their spouse and it was highly unethical. Basically he said "tough". I hope you will advise HR people to be more ethical and helpful. The only resource I now have is my home which I have put up for sale so I can go into assisted living. Why has Amber W not contacted me as my rep.?? I cannot say Lockheed Martin anymore with pride and my own grandson is an engineer with you. He was saddened by my double loss, no spouse and no money. can you help.
Leigh Ellen Hoover 386 427 0406



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