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January 16, 2013

150 more layoffs at Lockheed

FORT WORTH – An additional 150 aerospace workers at Lockheed Martin Aerospace Corp., received pink slips on Monday, more than doubling the number of layoffs since the first of the year.

Employees at the plant have been told that their last day of work is expected to be Jan. 25, Lockheed spokesman Ken Ross confirmed in an email to the Star-Telegram.

“This is part of our normal process to continually adjust our workforce based on program and business requirements” he wrote in the email.

Ross said the recent layoffs are not related to sequestration, the looming budget cuts that are possible if Congress cannot work out a budget deal in the 1 1/2 months.

On Jan. 4, a total of 110 workers, mostly aircraft assemblers, were laid off. At the time, Ross said the defense industry was “going through a changing environment.” He then told the Star-Telegram that the company was responding to “what is happening in the industry ... we want to make sure we remain competitive."

Those affected by the first round of layoffs worked on different production lines at the factory, Ross said. The decision about which employees to lay off was dictated by union contracts.

Speculation about defense industry cuts have been widespread, and all eyes are on the nation’s biggest defense program. The F-35 is seen as a target for budget cutting in coming years. But for now, the program should not have to cut back on production and jobs thanks to two recent contracts.

Last month, Lockheed received a Pentagon contract guaranteeing a final installment of about $127.7 million for the fifth production lot of F-35 fighters. And then just before the year’s end, Lockheed and the Pentagon agreed to contracts for a sixth lot of 31 additional F-35 jets.

About 6,000 of Lockheed’s 14,200 workers at the west-side complex are directly involved in F-35 development, engineering and production, and many other jobs at the plant are tied to the program.

Plans call for Lockheed to build more than 2,400 F-35s for the Air Force, Navy and Marines at a cost now estimated at $395.7 billion. But some wonder if that will be reduced if defense spending falls.

Yamil Berard


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I worked at Lockheed from August 2012 to jan 4, and i was working the F-35 production. The hole thing about the union at Lockheed is they protect the old. While I was their I saw people that couldn't even walk. What Lockheed does is a irresponsible they hire a bunch of mechanics just to catch up in production and then lay off when they do. What they need to do is get rid of all useless people working the line that don't do anything cause if u tel them to work they will file a grievance with the union. To the CEO if u want to cut back on the F-35 program you need to replace all your useless mechanics you have at the plant..


Lockheed should be ashamed of themselves. What they do doesn't effect just employees, it effects the entire economy of Fort Worth. The union is a joke. The comment by rolando is absolutely right. They are there to protect the old. Young hard working, intelligent, experienced people are being let go when there are people literally sitting on the line because they are incapable of doing the work. I am a big supporter of the elderly, but the time comes when a worker cannot work anymore and instead of the union keeping them, they need to go. They moved my family along with many other families out here for the F-35 program and they used and abused us. They bled us dry and now we're getting canned. I don't want to hear it has nothing to do with sequestration, because I believe it has everything to do with it.


I have twelve years in military aviation and have worked the most dangerous and ridiculous combat zones to intricate precision maching of internal components. Since I made that first choice to accept a position with Lockheed Martin last year, I can honestly say that it has ruined my life. I moved my family from California to Georgia only to get laid off 8 months later, moved back to California in financial ruin. 2 months later they call me and offer a Ft Worth position. They new we were in a tough position and new they could get a yes out of me. I unfortunetly accepted under irrehencable lies and promises. Here we are 5 months later and I am unemployed again. I left that factory 10 minutes late and covered in sweat every day and be assured 1st shifters can attest to this. I never did a job with out knowing I would do it right, which is truly rare there and I am not trying to be a jerk. Experience in working combat ops in the navy and as civilian, it was appaulling and embarrassing going to work with and watching the company and its union work force Goudge the tax payers. These are muffler assemblers building advanced fighter/attack stealth super platform aircraft. The company has ashamed my trade.
The Facts are that they had to make up for the strike period, which was embarrassing. These selfish employees that are forced,(See Fed. Envoy Contract (Convair/General Dynamics Vs. White Settle School District Circa 1948) to be represented by a union that can not be replaced, removed or denied monetary compensations, go on strike for 10 weeks to "preserve health care and pension benefits for future employees". Yet they accept an early christmas bonus as a signing bonus, denying the christmas bonus for anyone hired after the strike. The Union lied to the Star-Telegram in another article where it was claimed the Lay off was a surprise. My first day on the floor the Union Rep told me I would not have a job there after the 1st. Everyone knew it, but the Union needed to make up for lost dues, the company needed a quick fix. Media and Governments lies about a growing economy are believed at the expense of the lives of the next majority demographic. Right now the best trained, most efficient and intellegent work force since post WW2 are sitting at home, losing faith and morbidly amid pattern for the passing of the baby boomers. It doesnt help either that unqualified HR personell started putting the word "engineer" at the end of every position. The qualification standards for a "toilet engineer" being strictly advised by the "Harvard Law of succubus institutions" ITT Tech. And when did they become accredited.
I am disillusioned and bitter. Its stemmed from constantly being told that we value veterans, yet hiring managers have no clue what am AM,AT,AD,AE,AO or and AME are while they disregard applicants that trained specifically to the same and higher standards in the fields of work they claim to need people for. I plan to scan the web every day just waiting to correct any whining or absurdly untrue statement I find. And I assert that my statements are not untrue, biased maybe but not untrue.

Read more here: http://blogs.star-telegram.com/sky_talk/2013/01/150-more-layoffs-at-lockheed.html#storylink=cpy


These comments are accurate I will attest. I got layed off in January from the F35 program and The #1 problem at the Ft. Worth plant is LAZY OLD UNION PEOPLE and their horrifying: workmanship, inattention to detail, no pride, and disinterest in what they are doing.
These aforementioned people are ruining this program and are an enormous liability for the biggest defense contract ever. CEO Marylin Hewsen and Larry Lawson PLEASE figure out how to get these people to retire them or fire them! I'm younger, better trained by FAR with MODERN aerospace manufacturing, have a passion for quality and a great attitude. I couldn't believe how many mistakes and dirty messy sealant work I'd have to follow behind on my shift who have 30 plus years and still dont know better.


I work for a major subcontractor to the F35 program. Without a doubt we have same union issues. Lazy, unskilled and protected by the union. The days of unions should have gone away when we stopped sending canaries down in the mines to see whether it was safe for the employees. Unions do nothing but drive down production, protect the useless as long as they pay dues and have seniority. Employment should be contingent on ones ability, not union longevity. Get rid of unions. They are ruining our economy


If not for unions you would not have a living wage, paid vacations, health insurance, 40 hour work weeks etc. You young guns are shooting yourselves in the foot. Most union workers used to have pensions until enough of the old guys retired and the new workers would not fight to keep the pensions. This generation of workers live paycheck to paycheck and are easy pickings for company's to exploit, so keep crying and have fun working until you die. As for the old guys on the line, lets wait and see how well your body holds up after years and years of hard work.


The union workers at LM are already working there until they die even with a pension. People know that the only reason the union "fought" to keep the pension for new hires is to shore it up for the bulge of retirees about to hang it up. Unions are so corrupt with the people at the top collecting six figure salary's as well as company paycheck. Did you enjoy not getting payed while you were crying in the picket line, while your union masters got payed their huge union salary?


Oh the above comments hit home...I have been layed off from both Marietta and Fort Worth in a 12 month period...I would never go back to that company and would never recommend anyone to go there...not only is it the sick, lame, and lazy...but the salaried people far out number the hourly workers who make the company money...what a waste of taxpayer dollars...


And I forgot to mention on the waste of taxpayers dollars subject...It is a pain in the butt to have to walk around all the big screen TV's that litter the break rooms and on the floor...our break room bigscreen Tv's would make any sports bar jealous...but all they played was Lockheed propaganda...

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