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January 04, 2013

American flight attendants union agrees to a memorandum in favor of a US Airways merger

On Thursday evening, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants announced that it has agreed to a memorandum of understanding that discusses work and integration issues if American Airlines merges with US Airways.

The APFA, which represents 18,000 American flight attendants, said it would not be able to divulge the details of the memorandum because the union has previously agreed to a non-disclosure agreement.

Here is the brief statement issued by the APFA:

APFA has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), clarifying several points contained within the Bridge Agreement the union signed with US Airways last Spring. This MOU further illuminates the financial benefits of a merger to AMR’s creditors. APFA is currently operating under a judicially-enforceable non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with regards to merger discussions, which means that as long as this restriction is in place, we are not able to divulge specific details of the MOU.

The Allied Pilots Association as also approved an MOU related to the merger which is currently being considered by the two carriers and the US Airways' pilots union.

-Andrea Ahles


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I'm sure rank and file flight attendants, and pilots for that matter, will be most interested to see what their astute union leaders have bargained for them. Shouldn't these MOU's be put to a vote just like other contracts, etc? Why all of the secrecy?

What is anyone hearing from the US flight attendant and pilot end of things? Are those unions even on board, especially since they haven't seen a serious joint contract in years or have their own seniority issues worked out?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Kate, the AA flight attendants barely got a vote when it came to electing their leadership. Why would that leadership bother to share anything with the common men and women? It is some of the most arrogant "leadership" I've ever seen.

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