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January 15, 2013

American reminds pilots the MOU will only go into effect if a merger occurs

With details of the memorandum of understanding between American Airlines and US Airways and its pilots union being released on Tuesday, the Fort Worth-based carrier reminded pilots that the MOU only goes into effect if a merger occurs.

Here's the full statement from American spokesman Bruce Hicks about the MOU details.

"The Memorandum of Understanding with the pilots' unions and the companies is based on American’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Allied Pilots Association, and it makes adjustments to accommodate the economics of the Conditional Labor Agreement APA reached with US Airways last year.

"The MOU was negotiated to give the parties greater clarity on both the costs and the pilot integration processes associated with a potential merger, as American reviews its strategic alternatives. It defines the terms and conditions of employment for American and US Airways pilots in the event of a merger and the process to reach a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. The MOU also specifies the process to develop a combined seniority list within two years of a merger, and it establishes certain protections around the flying that would be performed by pilots at each airline until a Joint Collective bargaining Agreement is established.

"The terms of the MOU currently are not effective, and only become effective in the event a merger is approved and consummated."

-Andrea Ahles


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