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January 22, 2013

Delta earnings hit by Hurricane Sandy

Its earnings season for the airlines and while American announced last week, everyone else appears to be posting results this week.

First up, Delta Air Lines.

Delta eked out a $7 million profit for the fourth quarter as the airline took a $100 million hit from Hurricane Sandy.

Despite cancelling 20,000 flights because of the storm, Delta's full-year 2012 results were the best on record, as it posted a $1 billion profit for the year.

"We enter 2013 as a stronger airline, and are looking forward to building on the success we achieved in 2012," Delta CFO Paul Jacobson told employees in a letter on Tuesday.

Click here to read more about Delta's earnings in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Wednesday, we'll be watching for US Airways' results and then United Airlines and Southwest Airlines on Thursday.

-Andrea Ahles


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If you thought Delta Airlines management was half baked here is more evidence. Maybe all the evidence needed to prove the case. This week Delta posted a job opening bid at the Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport (MSP) for someone who could drive a Porsche. Why does Delta need a sports car driver? The plan is to ferry platinum and diamond members of SkyMiles (Delta’s frequent flyer program) from arrival gate to departing gate when the connection is tight. It isn’t clear why Delta thinks it cannot do this with electric carts inside the terminal. Apparently someone at Delta has their heart set on further cluttering up the tarmac with more non-essential traffic. Where is the FAA and the MSP Airport Commission when we need them?

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