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January 28, 2013

Mechanics, ground workers at American will get 4.3 percent raise if merger with US Airways occurs

The Transport Workers Union announced on Monday ground workers at American Airlines will get a 4.3 percent raise if a merger with US Airways occurs.

The raise is part of a memorandum of understanding that was agreed to by the TWU and the management of both companies.

"Our members have made incredible sacrifices to keep American Airlines afloat," said TWU International president Jim Little in a statement. "If there is a merger, their critical role must be recognized. This agreement is a step in that direction."

The TWU, which represents over 20,000 mechanics, fleet service clerks and other ground workers at American, said the memorandum outlines process to develop a combined seniority list in the event of a merger. It also honors an equity grant and other contract terms that the bankruptcy court has already approved between the TWU and American.

American spokesman Missy Cousino said the memorandum is based on the seven new contracts it reached with the TWU last year as part of its restructuring in bankruptcy and on the conditional labor agreements the union reached with US Airways in April.

"The MOU was reached to give the parties greater clarity on both the costs and integration processes associated with a potential merger with US Airways," Cousino said.

-Andrea Ahles



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Once again the mighty TWU manages to sell the Aircraft Mechanics short. When given the perfect opportunity to bring them up in pay and benefits to their peers at United Airlines & Delta Airlines. Even with this raise, AA mechanics will still be making about $4.00ph less then the aircraft mechanics at Delta and United. AA's Mechanics still get half as many holidays, and less pay to work on them - as their peers at UAL or Delta. If an AA mechanic calls in sick, he gets half pay on the first day. Not even a part time baggage handler has to deal with that. Forget about the fact that in the last 10 years, the mighty TWU saw fit to let AA take away 2 weeks of vacation from topped out Mechanics. Yeah, Jim (mail order diploma) Little is a real hero.

casual observer

Not to mention that you guys will be first on the chopping block as there's no way Parker is going to keep your outsourcing threshold in tact. He's a "master" at turning a profit, and will definitely be looking to do so, most likely at your employment expense. Shameful!

dirty sanchaz

Well I hope the IAM takes over anyone but the TWU


What is missing from the article is that we give up profit sharing and the "me too" clause in exchange.

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