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January 17, 2013

Reaction from Twitter on new American logo and plane design

Here are two photos that were leaked on Twitter this morning ahead of American's official debut of the new logo.



The reaction from Twitter was swift. Here's a sampling of some of the comments.


Good God, American Airlines. What have you done? skift.com/2013/01/17/ame… (I liked United's tulip logo, but this seems way worse.)


Angry bird? RT @e_russell: Nooooo RT @greg787 The full new logo with lettering pic.twitter.com/rsbHzwaU


You're bankrupt. What do you do? Spend tens of millions of dollars on a new logo. Who? #AmericanAirlines. http://t.co/L4FIKaE8


I like it. For a company that has a long history and wants a jolt, there's a modern yet classic feel to it.


"Blade" is a stretch. Looks like a tail w/ an eagle head superimposed.


Looks like the US Post Office. #weird


Seems a touch arrogant. Does this mean they do not think the merger will go through?


@AmericanAir it looks… flaccid.


Another company ditches Helvetica - the new look of #AmericanAirlines: http://t.co/CebvDu7G


@AmericanAir looks like it's lost the first part of itself and a wing's folded over the wrong way #Huh?


@AmericanAir I kind of think it's cool.


@thepointsguy New @AmericanAir logo is definitely an improvement but maybe not as awesome as it could have been...


@gatsby @AmericanAir @rafat @skiftnews It looks like the sticker is peeling off of the plane

-Andrea Ahles


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Actually I like the lettering on the fuselage, modern look. The tail is a bit too much I think


OMG! Maybe it will grow on me but, my first reaction is WTF?!


Ugh. Looks like a regional carrier.


A US Airways merger would be a disaster, but I almost wish for it so we could get another try a different livery.

Mike Saunders


Jamba juice

Nice try...but a big miss


The US Air Logo is underneath.

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