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January 17, 2013

Video: American shows off livery at its hangar at DFW

Around 11 a.m. Thursday morning, American Airlines invited media to take a look at one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft all decked out in the new livery.

American chief executive Tom Horton said it was a big day for American and "it's now time for us to have some fun."

He did not comment on the merger discussions with US Airways nor did he disclose how much it was going to cost the carrier to repaint its fleet with the new colors.

The carrier also had its new Boeing 777-300ER parked in the hangar behind the 737-800, however, the 777 was not painted yet. (I got a sneak peek inside the 777, more on that in a later blog post...)

Here's a video of his opening remarks at the media event.


-Andrea Ahles


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You wasted 80 to 200,000 dollars on a CubAAna paint job? No wonder American is a ship with out a rudder. If you want American to carry the flag around the world on its tail, PLEASE at least put the right number of stripes on the tail to accurately represent the American flag. Disappointing.


Extremely tacky, cheap and distasteful. For Mr. Horton to want people to associate the American Flag with American Airlines to me is a cheap marketing ploy and I find it offensive. Three generations of my family served under the American Flag and one died defending it. Quite frankly, the last thing that I will ever associate with the American Flag is an airline!

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