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February 13, 2013

Southwest ground workers deliver valentines to management, asking them to "have some heart" in upcoming contract negotiations

It's a day early but Southwest Airlines ground workers are showing a little "LUV" to the Dallas-based carrier's executives in the hope that their "LUV" will be returned.

On Wednesday, the Transport Workers Union which represents 9,000 ground workers, will present valentine cards to Southwest executives as contract negotiations continue between both sides. The cards are "lighthearted" union leaders said but underscore the seriousness of contract talks.

"Our members do not understand why a company with a $421 million profit last year is asking for concessions," said TWU local 555 president Charles Cerf, adding that contract talks have been ongoing since July 2011. "This new approach to labor relations is disappointing and we encourage management to remember that working harmoniously with Southwest’s workers in the past has significantly contributed to the success of our airline and benefited not only employees, but our customers."

Southwest flight attendants, who are also represented by the TWU, will also deliver cards to executives at Southwest headquarters around noon on Wednesday.

-Andrea Ahles


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They are asking for concessions because they know the TWU will cave every time., and tell you it would have been worse but they saved jobs. (LOL) Then all the jobs go away and your left with less jobs less pay less benefits and the TWU will tell you how hard they fight for you. TWU F--- joke.


Is it me or does anyone else think it strange that an airline with LUV as the ticker still has unions? The way SWA is portrayed in the media, by its adoring fans and, of course, its own marketing, all its employees would be glad to work for such a fantastic carrier without a middle man and they'd be graciously rewarded for doing so.


Concessions? The TWU is the CONCESSIONS union. The TWU has made taking concessions their normal way of doing business. Good luck LUV workers,you should have noticed the trend at American over the past 20 years before you let them on property,now you won't be able to get rid of them.


No worries the TWU will sell you out in a heartbeat look at AA and there aircraft maintenance. The TWU sold them out big time. They have the worst contract in the industry. Be smart dump the TWU anyone but the TWU.

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