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March 07, 2013

American announces executive promotions

American Airlines treasurer Bev Goulet has been promoted to chief integration officer at the carrier.

Goulet had been previously named to head the integration efforts between American and US Airways but officially was given the position on Thursday. She will also gain the title of senior vice president, the Fort Worth company said.

Replacing her as treasurer will be Peter Warlick who currently serves as American's managing director of fleet development and helped oversee the 460-aircraft deal American made with Boeing and Airbus in July 2011.

-Andrea Ahles


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I thought these circus clowns would be fired after the merger. lets pray that this will be the case when mr parker takes over. we don,t need the rest of the scum leftovers from American here anymore!


Thank you for your valuable contribution, obviously you know what you're talking about...all AA execs are idiots right, just like all pilots are drunks because you saw one drinking one time?

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