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March 04, 2013

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The New York Times has an excellent piece on Alaska Airlines that looks at the operating challenges the carrier faces by flying a lot of its flights in, well, Alaska. "Largely because of that technology, flying in Alaska is now remarkably reliable — even in the dead of winter, when it is snowing, when there are just two hours of daylight, when runways are made slippery by ice or sleet, when winds blow at more than 50 miles an hour and pilots can barely see out the windshield," the article says.

-Did the FAA give too much leeway to aircraft manufacturers' designers when it instituted a new self-policing policy eight years ago? That's the question this Reuters article poses in light of the the problems with the batteries on Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

-And in case you missed it last week, this is the video that has the FAA looking in to whether or not students violated any safety regulations with their Harlem Shake. Frontier Airlines says the seat belt sign was off and safety measures were followed, in this AP article.


-Andrea Ahles


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