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May 10, 2013

American reopens job posting for flight attendant positions

Flight attendants wanted.

American Airlines re-opened its flight attendant job posting on Friday as it expects to add 1,500 new flight attendants this year.

The carrier had previously accepted flight attendant applications in November and over 20,000 job applicants submitted their resume in less than a week.

"Our focus remains on finding great people that can deliver the level of service our customers expect of the new American," the carrier said in a memo to employees on Friday.

It is also looking for flight attendants that speak Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Finnish, Spanish and French.

-Andrea Ahles


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Aviation Critic

Most of the current AA Flight Attendants only speak Klingon.


they also are old and hateful. hey granny can you pick up your cane and get me a drink.

Debra Leudesdorff

Former Northwest Flight Attendant, based in DTW.

Li Shan

I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, and I want to apply so badly but the job posting is now close. Do you know if it is going to re-open again?


They just posted a flight attendant position for a Mandarin Chinese speaker yesterday! Good luck!

tia focht

Hi I was interested in becoming a flight attendant can someone let me know how I go about doing it, and what airlines are hiring

Li Shan

I just applied for it today! I am glad it reopens again...there is always hope!

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