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May 01, 2013

American to offer "flagship check-in" at JFK airport

American Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will offer "flagship check-in" at its terminal 8 at JFK Airport in New York.

The service, which provides passengers with a private check-in and expedited security line, is already offered by American to its premium customers at Los Angeles and Miami airports.

"We remain focused on modernizing and building an exceptional travel experience for our premium customers at every step of their journey," said American's chief commercial officer Virasb Vahidi.

The check-in service is available to ConciergeKey members, first class customers on three-class transcontinental aircraft and first class passengers on international American or select Oneworld alliance aircraft.

-Andrea Ahles


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neil cosentino


20th century <> President Eisenhower <> the National Interstate Highway System [NIHS]

21st century <> President Obama <> the National Interstate Flyway System [NIFS]

Dear Friends of President Obama, the USA and Aviation.

We ask the President and his staff to take action on this critical economic success initiative:

We need him to direct that his new USDOT Secretary of Transportation to understand NextGen aviation and to have him direct his staff start to work on a National Interstate Flyways [NIFS] system; 

where takeoff and landing areas [TLA grass fields - helipads...up to the new Global airports] are the entry and exit to the new national Interstate FlySkyways System.  

Use the 20th century Interstate highway system as the "Dare-to-Compare" example of how all the new technology will come to bare on the safe efficient "Highways-in-the-Sky" the 21st NextGen Interstate Flyways system. 

They need to Invite the economist to evaluate the potential impact and to do ROIs analysis. We note that all the infrastructure is in place: airports, airspace, pilots, aircraft and the technology...all we need is leadership and momentum as catalysts.

They need to invite all pilots - all user communities to join in the design of the system.

If NASA and the USDOT/FAA are working on a National IFlySkyways system - Excellent! lets hear about it now - 

if not - START NOW! 


Amazing that they would offer this service in JFK, LAX and MIA and not DFW??? They have an 80% market share here and we can't get the premium check in service? The only reason they do it at those other 3 is because they have competition!! They have no competition at DFW and as a result we lack in service. What a joke.


Patrick. those stations have better quality people with more class. dfw has nothing but hillbillys Mexicans and hill chicanos.that is the reason why.

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