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May 29, 2013

AMFA says NMB denied its efforts to be placed on American mechanics' union representation ballots

The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association said federal labor regulators have denied its request to be a part of a union representation election of American Airlines' mechanics.

On Tuesday, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters filed for a representation election with the National Mediation Board. AMFA then asked the NMB to "obtain intervenor status" in the election.

Currently, American's 11,000 mechanics and related employees are represented by the Transport Workers Union. The Teamsters and AMFA have both undertaken campaigns to get the mechanics to switch unions as the Fort Worth-based carrier prepares to merge with US Airways. Mechanics at US Airways are currently represented by the International Association of Machinists.

AMFA says that the NMB applied a technical rule that required the union to present additional authorization cards from mechanics on the same day that the Teamsters filed of the election and American produced an eligibility list to the NMB.

The union's national director, Louie Key, said he was disappointed with the NMB's ruling.

"We were approached some time ago by mechanics at American Airlines who were unhappy with their current representation, and concerned about what representation would be like should the Teamsters be successful in their drive," Key said.

The NMB, which oversees union representation elections, will review the Teamsters' application to see if the union collected authorization cards from over 50 percent of the mechanics and related employees at American. If it is determined that the Teamsters met the requirement, a representation election would be held later this year.

-Andrea Ahles


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What the article fails to point out, is the fact that AA produced the voter eligibility list - not only on the same day, but within 6 hours of the IBT filing. That is unheard of. In fact, at US Air the Teamsters filed 2 weeks ago, and a voter eligibility list has yet to be produced.

Point is, this filing by the Teamsters at AA appears to be prearranged between the two. This is how the Teamsters roll though, back room deals, and deceit. In other words, it would be more of the same for AAs aircraft mechanics - just with a different union. No Thanks.


Just goes to show what happens when you do not have a Political and Legislative arm in your Union.


Yes but then who signed all those cards.


How's that AMFA working for ya now? Keep signing them cards for another 15 years and see what it gets you.........When the union the company and the govt. are working against the worker how are you gonna fight em ?????????? They gonna give you a bunch of worthless stock as equity and steal your prefunding match. The word from HDQ is,"Hehehahahehaheheha, We just keep doin it to em over and over again, and they just keep lettin us."

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