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May 06, 2013

Parker, Horton update American and US Airways employees on merger progress

In a letter sent to employees on Monday, American Airlines chief executive Tom Horton and US Airways chief executive Doug Parker said a new senior leadership team will be announced in June.

The two executives said several teams from the carriers will meet in Dallas/Fort Worth this week to discuss integration issues. The merger is still on track to close in the third quarter.

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-Andrea Ahles


May 6, 2013

To the American and US Airways teams:

Planning for our merger is moving along at a good pace, and we’re pleased to report great progress from the teams responsible for each phase and every detail involved in joining our two great airlines.

From the start of this journey, our Integration Management Office (IMO) has been focused exclusively on planning the path to a successful merger and the launch of the world’s premier global carrier. In this work, we expect to generate more than $1 billion in synergies and to create a secure future for employees, and will manage the process with our customers always first in mind.

At this point, 29 integration planning teams and several cross-functional task forces are at work to define the manner in which the two companies will combine our commercial, customer service, operations and corporate functions after the merger closes.  

Last month these teams gathered in Tempe to kick off this work. This coming week, a number of the teams will take part in a Planning Summit in Dallas/Fort Worth with a focus on the most pressing work that must be accomplished during the months leading up to the close of the merger, including what our customers see and hear from us on day one and how we bring our more than 100,000 employees together as one team.

One of our priorities is putting together the strongest possible leadership team for our combined airline. We are taking the right amount of time to make the most thoughtful decisions and to get it right – not to do it quickly. We go into this task confident that we have tremendous people at each airline and will only be stronger together when we make the right leadership selections. We announced our merger in mid-February and expect to announce the new senior leadership team, Doug’s direct reports, sometime late this month or in early June. We will build out the rest of the officer corps from there. We know there is much interest in this, and we will keep you informed along the way.

We also remain committed to communicating frequently and transparently. Please keep in mind that this integration planning effort is a careful and deliberative process, and we’re still in the middle of it. We have the benefit of learning from the experiences of airlines that already have merged, even as we plot our unique course. 

We still expect the merger to close in the third quarter of this year, and we will then move forward with a carefully designed, step-by-step plan that leads to the day we operate as a single carrier. That could be 18 months or more from the time the merger closes, but the date is less important than the details, which we are working very hard to get right.

The most important thing we can do to ensure a strong future for the new American is to continue to operate our respective airlines safely, and on time, and focused on our customers. Keep up the great work.




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