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May 07, 2013

Teamsters file for representation election of US Airways mechanics

The Teamsters filed with the National Mediation Board for a representation election of US Airways mechanics on Tuesday.

Currently, US Airways' 3,200 mechanics are represented by the International Association of Machinists. The union has been in contract talks with the Tempe-based carrier since July 2011 with no new contract in place.

"Because of the Teamsters solid, documented track record of excellent representation, the Teamsters Union is the best and most logical choice to represent us for the future as professionals in the airline industry," US Airways mechanic Jim Blanton said in a statement.

The Teamsters said they also plan to file for a representation election for American Airlines mechanics as well. American's 11,000 mechanics and related positions are currently represented by the Transport Workers Union.

The National Mediation Board, which oversees union representation elections, will review the Teamsters' application to see if the union collected authorization cards from over 50 percent of the mechanics and related employees at US Airways. If it is determined that the Teamsters met the requirement, a representation election would be held later this year.

-Andrea Ahles



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Gonna end up being a complete waste of time. AMFA is the aircraft mechanics union of choice at AA. Most US Air AMTs would have signed and AMFA card if given a chance. Be patient guys, it's coming.


I bet Jim L and Don V are all going for interviews at the IBT for there new sellathon job on selling out line maintenance even more. Hey Donny V hows that prison ministry scam going? you still pocketing money on that off your members backs.

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