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June 21, 2013

Keith Wilson wins full term as Allied Pilots Association president


Captain Keith Wilson
Captain Keith Wilson has won a full term as president of the Allied Pilots Association, the union that represents about 10,000 pilots at American Airlines.

Wilson was named interim president last August after pilots rejected a contract offer from American management which led to the resignation of then-APA president David Bates. Since Wilson assumed the position, the pilots union negotiated and approved a new contract with American while the carrier was in bankruptcy and supported the merger deal with US Airways.

First Officer Neil Roghair

Wilson defeated captain Tom Westbrook, receiving 2,715 votes to 2,305 votes collected by Westbrook.

While Wilson remains in office, American pilots voted in a new vice president, first officer Neil Roghair and a new secretary/treasurer, first officer Pam Torell.

Roghair is replacing captain Tony Chapman who did not receive enough votes in the first round of balloting this spring to be part of the run-off election. Roghair received 2,989 votes while his run-off opponent, captain Graeham White received 2,006 votes.


First Officer Pam Torell

Torell edged out previous union secretary/treasurer Scott Shankland in the run-off election even though Shankland had received 19 more votes than Torell in the initial election this spring when there were four candidates running for the position. Torell received 2,931 votes to Shankland's 2,086 votes.

The new officers will assume their positions on July 1 and serve for three years.

-Andrea Ahles


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C'mon ANDREA, get your butt out of bed so you can cut-and-paste the Southwest computer glitch story into this blog.

Al from Texas

TOP...are u ever in a pleasant mood? Geez..


Yeah, I'm usually in a great mood -- until I read the Sky Talk blog. When I find spelling and grammar errors, it harshes my mellow. And usually I find many. And when ANDREA selects only Pandering stories, I must mention it.

Like what about the story today (Tuesday) about TCC buying the Bell campus at Alliance. She won't discover that one until tomorrow.



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