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June 22, 2013

Southwest computer outage on Friday night affects 250 flights

A computer outage at Southwest Airlines caused dozens of flights to be cancelled on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The Dallas-based carrier said about 250 flights were impacted that were scheduled to take off after 10 p.m. CDT on Friday evening but by Saturday afternoon, the flight schedule was back to normal.

Here is the full statement from Southwest issued on Saturday afternoon.

"Southwest Airlines' computer systems are fully functional and the operation of our flight schedule is back to normal after a systemwide computer outage late Friday night.

"Overall, nearly 60 flights were canceled Friday night or Saturday morning due to the three-hour outage.  A total of approximately 250 flights scheduled to takeoff after 11pm EDT were impacted, mostly delayed.  Southwest Airlines currently operates more than 3,400 flights a day.

"We do not have city-specific information on delays or cancelations for the 85 airports served by Southwest Airlines, only some of which were impacted.

"The People of Southwest worked hard to get our Customers taken care of around this airport technology issue.  We sincerely apologize and thank those Customers for their flexibility while different Teams worked to fix the problem as our airport Employees utilized back-up systems to get most flights into the air."

-Andrea Ahles


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SW passenger

I flew out of Houston on 6/26/2013 & all tgeir flights were still delayed for legnthy delays. What ever is going on, SW is now a mess to fly on. Before the outage, a few weeks ago, they were flawless. I would no recommend flying Sw for at least a month until they fix their operations issues. The employees are so use to it now that they dont even discuss comp when its over 3 hrs. delay. Ive filed a complaint w/ BBB & FAA. They just got voted a consumer fav airline and now they flop.. big time!

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