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August 27, 2013

American, US Airways call DOJ's March trial date "unreasonable"

American Airlines and US Airways issued a joint statement Tuesday afternoon, calling the Justice Department's request for a March 2014 trial date as "entirely unreasonable."

The carriers have previously asked the court to schedule the anti-trust trial for November 12, 2013.

Here is the full statement.

"The DOJ’s request for a trial date of March 3, 2014 is entirely unreasonable.  The DOJ has been investigating this merger for over 16 months, which is already twice as long as its typical review.  Notably, since 2001, DOJ merger cases litigated to a decision have had an average time from the DOJ’s complaint to trial of 70 days.  Further, unnecessary delays also prevent American’s financial stakeholders, which includes creditors, shareholders and employees, from realizing the benefits and improved certainty that will come from American’s emergence from Chapter 11.  The government cannot justify its slow trial schedule.

"This merger is predicated on growth.  American Airlines and US Airways are asking the Court to let us compete together in order to offer consumers a stronger alternative to Delta, United, Southwest and others.  We look forward to vigorously defending the merits of this transaction and demonstrating the significant consumer benefits of the transaction."

-Andrea Ahles



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So the longer the DOJ decides to drag this on, the more expenses American Will pay. Is the DOJ going to reimburse AMR if the merger goes through?

Sammie Sawee

Why would expenses go up the longer there is a delay in the merger?

USAir and AA have already have plenty of lawyers on staff.

Daze Bell

Typical hyperbole tactics. Anything that doesn't go in their favor is "the end of the world! Oh noes!"

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