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August 28, 2013

TWU members to deliver petition with 8,000 signatures to DOJ offices in Tulsa on Thursday

The Transport Workers Union said it plans to deliver a petition with 8,000 signatures on it to the Justice Department offices in Tulsa on Thursday.

The union, who represents mechanics, ground workers and other employees at American Airlines, is asking the government to drop its anti-trust lawsuit against American's merger with US Airways.

"We put this on the Internet a couple of weeks ago, and it’s spread like wildfire," said TWU Local 514 President Dale Danker in a statement. "People just can’t understand why our own government is trying to block a merger that’s pro-competition, pro-consumer and that protects good-paying U.S. jobs."

American operates its only remaining aircraft maintenance base in Tulsa, employing about 6,000 workers at the facility.

"If this merger goes through, it will protect the jobs of our members and allow us to give consumers excellent service and real choice," Danker said.

-Andrea Ahles


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Dear Mr. Danker do you believe in American Liar Liar Airlines


TWU frontman Tom Horton Said it----We are not in the aircraft maintenance business.......Outsource to South America---Outsource to China----Outsource Outsource Outsource

the flying cow

How did they get 8000 signatures from members when they only have 6000 or less. The TWU never asked anyone in aircraft maintenance here in the DFW area about there petition. Matter of fact the TWU International ignores there line maintenance group. Its like we don't exists. I would believe very little what they say we need someone else for representation and we almost out number Tulsa in members and we do in votes.

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