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September 26, 2013

American sues travel reward tracking website Superfly for trademark infringement

American Airlines says travel reward tracking website Superfly is infringing on the airline's trademarks and violating a settlement agreement the two companies made last year.

According to a lawsuit filed in Texas district court this week, American alleges that Superfly is improperly using AAdvantage frequent flyer information by storing and displaying members records on the Superfly website. The suit also says Superfly is violating the settlement agreement by allowing AAdvantage members to manually enter their frequent flyer miles on the Superfly website.

"Earlier this month, American learned that Superfly breached the Settlement Agreement by continuing to infringe upon American's trademarks. For this reason, American sent a cease-and-desist letter on September 13, 2013, followed up by emails on September 16, 19, and 23, 2013. True copies of the cease-and-desist Jetter and follow-up emails are attached hereto as Exhibits "C," "D," "E," and "F." Superfly has refused to stop its illegal conduct. American has no choice but to seek protection from this Court to stop Superfly from continuing to breach the Settlement Agreement and injuring American's goodwill, reputation, and business," the filing said.

American sued Superfly in 2012 over this issue and reached the settlement agreement later that year. Superfly is an Israeli-based website that allows travelers to store all of their frequent flyer and hotel reward points on one website.

To read the full filing, download the court document here.

-Andrea Ahles


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