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September 18, 2013

American, US Airways employees say "Let us compete. Together."

American rally
Photo by McClatchy DC bureau reporter Curtis Tate
American Airlines and US Airways employees are rallying in Washington D.C. today, telling politicians that they want the merger of their two airlines to be approved.

 A couple of hundred workers from the carriers gathered on the steps of the Capitol Building to show their support for the merger. Several were holding signs with pictures of the two tails of each airline saying they should be allowed to compete against Delta Air Lines and United Airlines which are much larger after they merged with other airlines a few years ago.

In a video posted to US Airway's Youtube account, workers talk about the benefits of the merger and ask government officials to "Let us compete. Together."

The U.S Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit in August to stop the merger, saying it is anti-competitive and would hurt consumers with higher fares and more fees. A federal judge has scheduled a trial on the matter for November 25.


-Andrea Ahles


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life realist

Let us compete together?
When will the realization of job lose set in with these folks?

another realist

EXACTLY....When will they? Just as the US Airways flight attendants continue to finally open their eyes every day to see JUST HOW SCREWED they have gotten when an incredibly uninformed 80% of them voted in a completely unfair and disgusting contract, negotiated from a company who really has no interest in boosting morale. The upper management has interest in "themselves" only. What makes any "work group", from US or American, ever think, this merger would ever be, what so many seem to believe, a slam dunk "GOOD THING"??

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