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October 02, 2013

TWU asks for "intervenor" status in DOJ lawsuit against American-US Airways merger

The Transport Workers Union has asked the federal court for "intervenor" status in the government's antitrust lawsuit against the American Airlines-US Airways merger.

The union, which represents 23,000 mechanics, flight dispatchers, fleet service and other ground workers at American, said the livelihood of its members are at stake in this lawsuit.

"TWU members have been involved with intense negotiations with current management at American Airlines and at US Airways," said TWU president Harry Lombardo. "We don't see any reason for the Department of Justice to be involved in the merger process - but if this case is going to court, our members deserve to be heard."

The antitrust trial is scheduled for November 25 in a federal court in Washington D.C.

-Andrea Ahles


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