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October 01, 2013

What folks are saying about Texas AG dropping out of antitrust suit against American-US Airways merger

Quite a few people here in Texas had an opinion about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's decision to settle the antitrust lawsuit against American Airlines' merger with US Airways.

Here's a sample:

Joint statement from the Allied Pilots Association, US Airline Pilots Association, Association of Professional Flight Attendants, Association of Flight Attendants, Transport Workers Union, Communications Workers of American and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who collectively represent 70,000 workers at the two airlines - "We appreciate Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for supporting the combination of American Airlines and US Airways, adding his name to a long list of elected officials in Texas who support the merger. Over the past few weeks our members have shown – and continue to show – unprecedented support for this combination.  Our message "Let us compete.  Together." is being heard loud and clear. This combination will allow our members to compete on a fair basis in the airline industry and to better serve customers with a stronger airline that will fly more people to more places.  Moreover, this combination enhances job security for employees of both airlines because they will be allowed to compete fairly with other merged carriers in the industry. Attorney General Abbott clearly recognizes the benefits this transaction will bring to Texas.  The Dallas-Fort Worth hub will continue to be a key hub of the new American and travelers coming in and out of Texas will benefit from greater connectivity and enhanced service.  The combined networks will employ nearly 25,000 people throughout the state of Texas, supporting economic growth in all of its communities. This combination makes sense for competition, customers, and our members we represent who want nothing more than to compete aggressively.  We will continue to make our voices heard."

APFA president Laura Glading - "I applaud General Abbott for deciding to do what’s right for his constituents. We have over 3,500 flight attendants living in Texas and I’d venture to say the AG’s office heard from every one of them over the past two months. I’m proud of our efforts. Now on to the other six [states]."

Roger Holmin, AFA President at US Airways - "Today’s move by the Texas Attorney General recognizes what constituents in the state and across the nation have been saying: the US Airways/American merger is right for our country and it is right for US Airways and American Airlines workers...A US Airways/American merger would simply put the new American on par with other airlines, creating real competition in the process and real opportunities for workers. Communities served by the merged airline will gain access to greater service across a massive network of routes. Without a strong competitor like the merged US Airways and American, current mega-carriers will only expand their market dominance."

Former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - "I'm pleased that the Attorney General has dropped his opposition to the American Airlines merger with US Airways. The merger has great potential for economic gain for Texas to have the headquarters of the largest airlines in America.  It also increases the capabilities for an American carrier to compete in the international market."

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer"Abbott's statement today is just a weak play to change his position to match what Wendy Davis has always supported. The supposed "settlement" Abbott presented actually settles nothing new that wasn't settled before. Senator Davis knew that a merger would be good for Texas, and she still knows that. Meanwhile, Abbott's style of flip-flopping cowardice has already become a trademark of his stumbling campaign."

Tom Pauken, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate - "Greg Abbott’s statements make it clear that political pressures more than economic or legal concerns have driven the attorney general’s office to reverse course. Greg Abbott first told us he was protecting small regional airports, then he claimed to be protecting consumers from baggage fee increases proposed in airline executives’ emails, and now he’s saying that he’s preserving jobs in north Texas. As much as I am in favor of American Airlines keeping its headquarters here in Texas, that was never in doubt. Ultimately it was their decision to make, not the government’s."

-Andrea Ahles


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Patrick Cooper

So he changed his mind. Obviously he realized this could impact votes for himself. This SELF-SERVING fool should be fired.

Life realist

Where's the outrage?
I expected to see the same people posting who were disgusted with the DOJ challenging the merger and accusing the Obama administration of partisan politics.
Unions openly admitted to applying pressure on Texas AG to drop the case.
If it's wrong one way, then it's equally wrong the other.

Let it go to trial. Let the truth come out.


oh. bull cookies.aa and us and twu paid him off. get real.

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