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November 22, 2013

AFA: we are not running a card campaign of American flight attendants

Earlier this week, a dispute between the flight attendant unions at American Airlines and US Airways moved into the public spotlight with both sides accusing the other of walking away from integration talks.

While I was able to talk to Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Laura Glading on Wednesday afternoon, I wasn't able to connect with Association of Flight Attendants president Roger Holmin until later in the week. Here's a few highlights from my conversation with Holmin.

On running a union representation card campaign among American flight attendants: "[Glading] is continuously accusing me of running a card campaign over at American. I don’t know what more I can say to her to make her believe that I am not. What I can say about that I do know there is a grassroots efforts for flight attendants who are unhappy with their representation and printed these cards from another venue and started their own campaign."

On an 8-point agreement that was made between the unions and the companies in the spring: "We do not have an 8-point agreement. It is 8 points to discuss that could turn into an agreement at some point but they were nothing more than discussion pieces."

On his interactions with fellow union president Glading: "She and I were meeting with senators and congressmen and working well together [during the campaign to get the DOJ to settle its antitrust suit]. I’m disturbed that it’s come to this. When I read her letter dated 11/20, it’s not what I see as the truth. It might be her version of the truth but what I see here is that Laura cut a deal with my management team and reached over the 8,000 flight attendants at US Airways and never took them into consideration."

On fighting APFA for representation: "Is that my preferred path? Absolutely not. I don’t think that’s in the best interest of the US Airways flight attendants and I certainly don’t think it’s in the best interest of the new American. I am hopeful that AFA and APFA can return to the table and work this out... I'd like to be looking at merging the two unions. If my people don’t want to be APFA and your people don’t want to be AFA, let’s be a new union and let’s do it together."

-Andrea Ahles


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Raisa Berriz

I started the card campaign with help of other AA flight attendants. AFA had nothing to do with it. I read the rules as to what was needed to trigger an election after the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2012 took away our collective rights to choose. Everything that I have heard from AFA states that they want to work out an agreement with APFA and Miss Glading. She has disenfranchised a large portion of the membership and effectively taken away our rights to approve or disapprove the next contract. She is fearful that we may be close to actually triggering an election should AFA decide to go that route, hence the information passed on to you by her PR firm.

Michael Becker

Can snyone post the front snd back of the card thst is reported to be distributed.


please change those ugly uniforms. you all look like funeral directors. who is the designer? and boy what poor taste aa goes with.

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