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November 14, 2013

Delta says it plans to add service to Love Field in October 2014

Wright Amendment one year away 42When the Wright Amendment restrictions drop in October 2014, Delta Air Lines said it wants to expand its service at Dallas Love Field.

The Atlanta-based carrier announced on Thursday it plans to add 18 daily nonstop flights to five destinations from Love Field. Currently, it offers daily flights to Atlanta using small regional jets which allows the carrier to fly beyond the geographic restrictions of the Wright Amendment.

The destinations include New York-LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul and additional flights to Atlanta.

"Our new service at Dallas Love Field means more competition and options for North Texas travelers, and flights to our international hubs will provide convenient connections to international destinations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa," said Delta senior vice president Bob Cortelyou in a statement. "Dallas/Fort Worth is a top business market and critical to our strategy of connecting the world's leading cities for business and commerce."

Delta currently operates out of Love Field using gates it has leased from American Airlines, who does not fly out of the airport. As part of American and US Airways settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice that will allow them to merge, American is required to give up those two gates it has at Love Field.

Under the Wright Amendment compromise in 2006, Love Field was limited to 20 gates. Of those gates, Southwest Airlines controls 16 of those gates and operates the majority of flights out of the airport. United Continental also offers flights to Houston from Love Field.

Delta said it employs almost 1,000 workers in the Metroplex with its operations at Dallas/Fort Worth airport, Love Field and in customer service and reservations.

-Andrea Ahles


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Would Delta have to follow the same restrictive rules as Southwest if they choose to add gates at Love Field? As I understand the agreement of lifting the Wright Amendment restrictions is that if Southwest wanted to operate a gate at DFW it would have to give up a gate at Love Field. So would Delta be willing to give up two gates at DFW to compete at Love Field. Does this rule apply to everyone or is it once again still a restriction on just Southwest. If so we still do not have a free market place in the DFW area when it comes to air travel and competition.

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