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November 12, 2013

Unions cheer announcement of settlement in American-US Airways merger

The unions that represent tens of thousands of workers at American Airlines and US Airways have chimed in with their opinion on the announced settlement. Most have cheered the deal, while a couple are a little more reserved in their enthusiasm.

Here's their reactions:

Allied Pilots Association 

"Today’s settlement makes this a good day for our pilot families’ job security, our customers, the communities we serve and the U.S. airline industry. 

"We are pleased that the Justice Department, American and USAir have reached agreement on creating a viable competitor to Delta and United." - APA spokesman Captain Dennis Tajer:

Association of Professional Flight Attendants

“This is fantastic news not only for all the employees of the new American, but for consumers and the industry,” said APFA President Laura Glading. “I want to thank our flight attendants for stepping up and making the case for this merger. Clearly, our voices were heard at the Justice Department. There is strength in unity.”

Transport Workers Union

"We’re pleased that an agreement between American Airlines, US Airways and the Department of Justice has been reached.  The DoJ’s actions in recent weeks were the equivalent of hitting a pause button on workers’ wages, benefits and job security.

"Today’s announcement will allow TWU members at American Airlines to gain long-delayed raises. Negotiations for our members at US Airways have been in limbo as a result of the DoJ’s actions, those talks can now move forward.  We also can begin to move forward on working out final details related to combining the two airlines’ work groups.

"As a result of today’s announcement, the merger will now move forward, but many critical details related to airline workers remain to be addressed. We’re not done yet," - TWU Air Transport Division Director Garry Drummond.

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

"AFA is carefully reviewing the terms of this agreement to ensure that the merger continues to provide a positive future for US Airways Flight Attendants. Today’s settlement is a tribute to the powerful advocacy of Flight Attendants and other workers who tirelessly encouraged the DOJ to discuss viable options that would allow for the completion of the world’s largest airline.

"US Airways Flight Attendants continue to back the merger as long as it supports the opportunities and benefits we have worked long and hard to achieve.  To that end, AFA has proposed a process for negotiating a Flight Attendant agreement which ensures 24,000 Flight Attendants at the merged carrier fully share in the benefits of the merger. AFA also remains committed to working with our counterparts at American Airlines on developing a harmonious integration for Flight Attendants so as to avoid a representation election.

"Flight Attendants at US Airways, through our hard work and sacrifices, helped make this merger possible. When the anti-trust lawsuit threatened the opportunity to realize the benefits of the merger, we stood together with other frontline workers and took the case of our colleagues and families directly to lawmakers and DOJ. We have demonstrated what we can accomplish by working together and we intend to redouble our efforts to ensure Flight Attendants achieve the best contract at the world’s largest airline."

-Andrea Ahles



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