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December 18, 2013

Readers are split on American tail design

It's a tie!

We've had the online poll up for almost two days now and Star-Telegram readers are evenly split between the American Airlines old logo design and the new flag design for the tail.

It should be “the new one!!! The old represents AMR legacy so it should only be use in Retrojets now on,” tweeted reader Ivan Tolj on Tuesday.

With over 800 votes, the old AA eagle logo design tail is winning with 51 percent of the vote while the new flag tail has garnered 49 percent. Twenty-three votes separate the current design winner.

On Monday, American CEO Doug Parker announced that employees would be asked to vote on the tail design for the carrier in response to questions about the merged airline's future livery.

Parker said the current light silver paint scheme would remain on the fuselage but workers could choose between the new American flag design on the tail (which was unveiled in January) or the old AA eagle logo.

Some readers still miss the polished silver look which was not one of the livery choices.

“All I can say is it will be a sad day when there are no more big silver birds in the Grapevine sky,” Antoinette Haste said on Twitter.

Employees have until January 2 to vote.

Of course, readers votes won't count in Parker's decision but we thought it would be fun to see what your opinion is.

The poll is still up here, so keep voting!

-Andrea Ahles


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Theodore Simons

I remember when the argument to have silver bodies was to reduce the significant weight of paint and thereby reduce fuel consumption. What happened to that argument? Did the price of fuel drop dramatically when I wasn't looking or are baggage fees making up the difference?


It's unbelievable that any employees still participate in company propaganda. One would think after the decimation of the workers livelihoods at this corrupt corporation that they may have just a small amount of self respect to say NO. An amazing following, still to this day, of boot lickers


Theodore. you are right.aa doesen,t have any brains at all.fuel is much cheaper baggage fees are helping. so why not the silver bodies.i can think of many paint schemes still using the silver body and not that clownish looking design Ronald mc Donald designed.so instead of two out of three reasons how about 3/3 or one whole for one great idea.


Geez, this is old news. The reason for painting the planes is because many parts of the newer aircraft are made out of composites. You can't polish composites. In fact the new B787 "Dreamliner" is all composite. As an employee of over 25 years, I could care less what paint scheme management decides the employees preferred. I am still making less now, than I was in 2002.


Regarding the silver body, since Boeing and Airbus are moving to composite materials on the fuselage rather than aluminum (either as a mixed aluminum and composite build, or as with the 787, 100% composites), it would have been very expensive or even impractical or impossible to recreate that polished aluminum finish. AA knew that was inevitable even a few years ago. The polished aluminum did save a significant amount of weight in paint, but composite materials have to be painted, so at some point that look would have become obsolete or moot. Ultimately, they decided to retain the silver/grey base color in the non-metallic finish.

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