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January 14, 2014

American Eagle gets a new name: Envoy


American Eagle is changing its name to Envoy, American Airlines Group announced on Tuesday morning.

But that doesn’t mean the brand American Eagle will no longer fly in North Texas skies.

The name change was necessary because American Airlines has contracted with other regional carriers, such as Republic Airways, to fly routes between smaller cities using the American Eagle brand name. To lessen confusion, the subsidiary owned by American currently called American Eagle decided to change its name but will still use the American Eagle brand and livery on its planes.

“Our people and our company – which is one the largest regional carriers in the world with some of the best people in our business – deserve a name that is all our own,” said American Eagle chief executive Pedro Fábregas. “By taking on the Envoy name, we can better differentiate ourselves from the competition and better market ourselves. This is important for both our people and our company as we further expand our ground handling business.”

PRN7-AMERICAN-AIRLINES-ENVOY-LOGO-1yHighThe new name, comes a month after its parent company, AMR Corp. merged with US Airways to create American Airlines Group. US Airways' subsidiaries, PSA and Piedmont, currently fly under the US Airways Express brand and will eventually transition to the American Eagle brand as well.

American said the new name was chosen after looking at more than 1,000 names and took into account feedback from the airline’s 14,000 employees.

Previously, American’s relationship with Republic Airways had that airline flying regional routes out of Chicago O’Hare airport under the American Connection brand name to differentiate it from American Eagle. The companies announced in 2012 that the American Connection brand would be eliminated and all regional flights would be operated under the American Eagle name.

The new combined American-US Airways has 10 carriers that provide regional service for American Airlines and US Airways and all will eventually use the American Eagle name.

-Andrea Ahles


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Coincidentally, Envoy is the name of US Airways business class product.


Makes sense; of course, the vast majority of folks won't even realize it. Envoy, Republic, ExpressJet - it will all still be American Eagle branding.

Tracy Baker

so as an employee, we will no longer work for an airline, we will be ground handlers... what will this mean to our pay, benefits and such.. It's the only job out there that the longer you work here the less you make.


Tracy, I agree with you.

In fact, the Colors, logo, and name reminds me of something a Janitorial Company would have.
And the fact that they (Parker) actually used the name of US Airways Business Class Service and their logo and US Airways colors shows that they did not even consider any suggestion the Eagle employees put forth.

Personally, I think they should have used a combination of the 2 airlines 2 letter codes - AA, US - and to symbolize the merger, put a "n" in between them so that we have a name of "AAnUS" cuz with the name Parker picked, he just crapped all over the Eagle employees and their ideas.


Tracy, If you're not high seniority then get out while you still can. If not, then finish your working career as best you can. There are Thousands of others trapped in the same black hole.


Doug Parker and his staff are making the biggest mistake with American Eagle. Express Jet, Replublic, Sky West their flight crews are the rudest flight crews I've ever been around. They fly these planes like fighter jets. These airlines paint around their door shows poor maintenance. Doug Parker is hurting the quality of the American Eagle name by the going to these other airlines. The customer service and the quality of respect passengers got from the old America Eagle. (now Envoy was 100% higher Quality)

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