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February 04, 2014

DFW Airport to implement parking rate increase on March 1

Dallas Fort Worth Airport will raise some of its parking rates on March 1, after fixing issues with its automated parking system.

The airport had originally planned to implement the rate increases on October 1 but the staff chose to delay the increases as its new parking system was not correctly reading toll tags at the entry and exit plazas last fall.

“We are fully operational and functional and the experience that our customers are experiencing are extremely positive going in and out of the plazas,” airport executive vice president of revenue management Ken Buchanan told the board on Tuesday at a committee meeting. “Now is the perfect time to move forward with our rate increase.”

The airport has eliminated the zero to 8 minute terminal parking price and now will charge $2 for parking up to 30 minutes. It will cost $1 if the driver uses a toll tag. Parking rates will also increase one dollar to $3 for parking between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Toll tag users will be charged $2.

Valet parking rates will also increase by $2 to $27 per day. Parking rates for its remote and express parking lots as well as terminal parking over two hours will remain the same.

The airport expects the rate increases will generate an additional $1.86 million in parking revenues. Buchanan said it plans to reassess all of its parking products in May.

The parking rate changes were approved by the airport board last summer as part of its annual budget.

-Andrea Ahles


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Can the public see a copy of your annual budget from last yr as compares to this year? I think we should be able to see where all your money goes...especially the board salaries...did u raise rates to pay for new booths and increase your salaries at the same time?

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