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March 31, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The search continues for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft in the Indian Ocean. CNN reports that four orange objects spotted by search aircraft earlier turned out to be old fishing gear. There has been no confirmed debris linked to the missing jetliner.

-The Venezuelan government agreed to make enough dollars available for airlines to receive close to $4 billion that airlines have been unable to repatriate due to the shortage of dollars in the country, Bloomberg News reported on Friday. "The dispute had led to some cuts in air service to Venezuela but threatened to create much larger reductions as airlines became less willing to continue flights for which they would not receive payment," the article said.

-Asiana Airlines said the pilot who crash landed a Boeing 777-200ER in San Francisco last July was flying too slow. "The airline's positions submitted earlier this month were part of hundreds of pages of documents the National Transportation Safety Board will consider while investigating the crash that killed three passengers and injured more than 200," USA Today said in this article.

-Andrea Ahles


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