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March 03, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Last week, the General Accounting Office came out with a report looking at the looming pilot shortage in the aviation industry. Businessweek examined the economics behind the shortage in this article, saying, "the meager economics have prompted regionals to begin cutting service and parking airplanes when they’re unable to staff cockpits—even higher pay isn’t provoking an influx of pilots who are qualified under the new rules."

-Consumer travel advocate Christopher Elliott delved into airline frequent flyer programs and Delta's recent change to its mileage program in his latest column for USA Today. "Loyalty programs were never meant to be "fair," but what we have today is, in some respects, fairer than before. Now more than ever, it also offers a fair warning about the true nature of these addictive programs," Elliott writes.

-And my favorite article that I read this morning was this New York Times piece about airport chaplains at the nation's busiest airport, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson. "As flight delays worsen, security lines bulge and nerves fray, chaplains at airports across the country cruise up and down concourses, casting a trained eye on the swirl of humanity in search of anybody who appears in need," the article says.

-Andrea Ahles


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