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March 18, 2014

TWU says it supports IAM's efforts to ask federal mediators for permission to strike at US Airways

The president of the Transport Workers Union said he supports a fellow union's efforts to seek permission from federal mediators to strike at US Airways.

US Airways, which merged with American Airlines in December, has been in contract talks for over two years with its mechanics and ground workers, represented by the International Association of Machinists. The TWU represents the same work groups at American.

“This is supposed to be the new and better American,” said TWU International president Harry Lombardo. “Management has said they want to have better labor relations than existed at either US Airways or the old American. Yet, the airline’s leadership has locked mechanics and other ground workers represented by IAM into a second class status where they get lower pay and fewer benefits than workers represented by TWU for the same work at the same airline.”

Before an airline union can consider a strike against its employer, it must first ask for "release" from negotiations from the National Mediation Board. The IAM and American management are meeting with the NMB this week to discuss the status of negotiations.

-Andrea Ahles


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Why can't you resolve your issues without going out on strike and disrupting everyone that is going to fly on American?


NMB is a joke. Good luck trying to strike!

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